Dr Annie Smith Thanks You

A big thank you to all our #MothersOfNations2020 participants. We hope you can join us again for next year's edition.
Un grand merci à tous nos participants de "Mother's of Nations 2020". Nous espérons vous avoir parmi nous lors de l'édition de l'an prochain. 
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1 CORINTHIANS 15 : 10 KJV Version

"But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me."

Let's Meditate ...

Hello I’m Rev. Dr. Annie Smith

An ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a co-labourer with my husband, Dr. Shawn Smith, who has received the mandate to present the revelation of Christ Jesus; the loveliness of His person, the perfection of His work, with excellence and clarity for the rising of the glorious church.” 

I am also host to the national women’s conference dubbed, Mothers of Nations”. As a minister of the gospel of grace have organized programs and training seminars with women to equip them with the understanding of New Testament ministry. I also believe in the divine destiny of female youth and continue to give myself to nurture in them the understanding of destiny and purpose. have organized the popular “Tea Time” with girls and women to impart and transmit the understanding that have received from Father God through my husband, the man of God, Dr. Shawn Smith.

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Praise Reports

  • Thank you Woman of God, Dr Annie SMITH for 2018’s edition, It has transformed me in many aspects of my life. Concerning the ministry I learnt to hear and know the voice of God through the Sent One, and how to serve, how to give myself entirely to the Lord in service without seeking to be seen or known. I learnt to rely on Christ for transformation and now I allow God to do it by allowing Christ to be formed in my soul. Professionally, I learnt to start with what I have in my hands. I started a business and it has been awesome. Socially as an authentic woman I stopped trying to copy from others and now I have the boldness to be me, which is to accept my peculiarities, to embrace the unique expression of Christ in and as me. Financially, when there is dryness, I do not look outside, I seek the Lord to fill my soul with His riches, resources and wealth. Abba Father! Whatever I receive here, I know is bringing life in every domain of my life and not just for me but for those in my sphere of influence. I know that as my whole man is impacted, I will minister more effectively in all sphere of influence. And I thank the Father that all women will grab the privilege to be there.
    VANESSA Kumba – Cameroon
  • Mothers of Nations is for every woman on this planet who wants to make the difference, who does not just want to exist but live this Christ’s life and express it in the feminine fender in a unique way. Because from this program my life was transformed as I understood what it meant to be under the voice, I develop the attitude by the Grace of God, to be sensitive to the things of the Spirit. I have learnt that everything starts by being true and sincere to oneself, and as a woman to not be lost in unproductive activities, that I am called to reflect Christ and be fully conscious of His image that I represent. Now, as a woman, I became professional comfortable and never overwhelmed with work activity. I do my job with integrity as an authentic woman effective in Christ. I became so confident and assured as I see who I have been made in Christ, and I can see the impact in my sphere of influence. I thank Father God for Dr Annie SMITH for taking time to poor herself and all that which Father God has deposited in her into us to make us authentic women envied in our generation.
    Shantal Yaounde - Cameroon


  • God has shared all things together with us in Christ. He has not relinquished His rights over the things He shares with us.
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