The Youth Social Development Program

YSODEP was created to attend to the needs of a very fundamental group of people in the society, namely the youths. Many young aspire to be someone of influence and affluence in life, but the question many ask is, how do I begin? How do I get to pursue my dreams?

Dr. Annie Smith, as the Administrator of this association, has put in place activities involving offering training to youths, geared towards empowering them to become contributors in diverse domains of the society, building up their confidence and bringing out the competence in them with regards to different walks of life (Leadership), giving them a sense of entrepreneurship, and promoting their economic independence. The association encourages and trains the youths to impact their world.

For the realization of this task, Dr. Annie Smith has raised a team of women who have impacted their generation. They in turn inspire the youths to become responsible citizens and leaders in different spheres of society.

YSODEP believes that young people need to have the aptitude to set and attain a particular objective and do so by remaining focus and unmoved in spite of challenging circumstances. Important values are instilled in them so they can be constant, committed, and pledge allegiance to their dream, knowing their goals and how to achieve them. They are taught to make quality decisions that could help them to achieve their goals on a daily basis, and also to adopt practices in life that will lead them to fulfill their dream. It’s all about determination; continuing to stir oneself forward, knowing that nothing can stop you.


D I S C O V E R I N G    A N D    P U R S U I N G    Y O U R   D R E A M

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