The powers of God within me

I came to this program with the expectation to come fully alive in every domain in my life in Christ and to understand the powers of God within me as an experience. After this program, in ministry, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with specific people I had been praying for. Communication between colleagues was more open and easy, I could minister to them with ease.

I understood how important the heart was and how sensitive is the communication with the Spirit of God. In every domain of my life I can testify how impactful this annual camp meeting has been for me; even in my financies, I am keeping on receiving increase and contracts. In my family and surrounding lives are transformed.

I believe there is a great missing out not being a part of this. I encourage all mothers to participate. I am forever grateful to the Father for Rev Drs. Shawn and Annie SMITH.


Douala – Cameroon

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