The Function of the Womb

God has spiritually endowed each and every one of us with a womb. Paul’s anthropology teaches us that man is a spirit that possesses a soul and lives in a body.

The spirit of man is said to be masculine. The Greek word for spirit is “pneuma”. But the human soul is said to be feminine, from the Greek word “psuche”. The reason why the soul is in the feminine is that it is the human soul that possesses a womb. Whatever your mind conceives manifests. What your mind receives will happen, because your mind is a womb. That is why Peter spoke to his congregation in his day saying, “Guard the loins of your mind”. The loins refer to the entrance of the reproductive organs of a woman. Peter uses such a graphic language to speak of the capacities of our minds because the human mind has the reproductive capacity to reproduce the seed that it conceives. This implies that what you are presently conceiving in your mind will be produced in your life in the form of what you have conceived. What happens in your mind happens in time. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts. The present state of your life is the reflection of the state of your mind. This is why the mind is a womb.

The word of God teaches us concerning the womb and the fruit of the womb in such a way that we understand that it is not limited to the female function of childbearing. The womb is an incubator. The word of God teaches us in Genesis 1 that God incubated the image of the earth and of creation before He spoke. He didn’t just speak. Genesis 1:2 says that the Spirit of God was moving over the water; the Hebrew version says: “The Spirit of God incubated over the water”. There was something within the mind of God that the Holy Spirit had within Him and that had to come to maturation on the inside before God could say “Light be”. Understanding the function of the womb also teaches us that there is conception, gestation, and delivery. The womb can only conceive according to the quality of the seed. What are you conceiving?

Psalm 110: 3

“Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, with the beauty of holiness from the womb of the morning …”

What King David wrote in Psalm 110:3 teaches us that every day is a womb. If you’ve not made a deposit in each day, if you miss that cycle, you will have to wait for another cycle. That is why in God, there are appointed times and seasons. Productivity will require your discernment because you cannot do what God called you to do at the time that is convenient for you. There is what is known as the cycles of life. If you miss your cycle, there will be consequences. Married people know much about this. When a couple wants to have a child, they are to and should be able to discern the cycle. There is a time each month when the productivity is at its apex, and if you miss that time, you will need to wait for another cycle. Many people are missing the time that God has intended for them to maximize the destiny that He has given them. This is tragic.

Each day is a womb. “Koinonia” is intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It is beyond what man can know as intimacy. Many people do not know that they are conceiving on a daily basis. God wants to make deposits in your life to produce His intentions.

What are you conceiving?

What are the thoughts that God came and deposited in your mind when you had intercourse?

What is the deposit you placed on this day?

What you put as a deposit in this day will be given birth to in the future.

The future begins NOW.

The future is not some kind of unknown factor; the future is determined by what is happening now.


  1. Jap claudia

    Each day is a womb🙌, what am i conceiving ? Oh Father may I be aware of the deposits you place in me so I can bring about your desires.

  2. Liz Murlar

    Oh my God,this is so priceless. This is has so striken my mind. May we continually be so yielded to the spirit day we are able to discern our cycles. Thank you woman of God

  3. Becks

    What an eye opener! I am touched. Thanks a million for this insight. I refuse to conceive negativity in my mind from today onward. Help me Lord

  4. Tata

    Bless the Lord. I will guide my mind and walk worthy of the integrity of the word. Thank you Holy Spirit

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