God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as sons and daughters in Christ we thank you for the knowledge of all that you have freely given to us

  • Without Christ, the Christian’s life as well as everyday life is very difficult. It is only in Him that we can come alive and be able to live fully. I have learnt that to be authentic and to know that it is him in me that reaches out. I am grateful to be now grounded in the word, I can now rise above daily challenges of life and spend quality time with my family and
  • I came to this program with the expectation to come fully alive in every domain in my life in Christ and to understand the powers of God within me as an experience. After this program, in ministry, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with specific people I had been praying for. Communication between colleagues was more open and easy, I could minister to them with ease. I understood how important the heart was
  • Thank you Woman of God, Dr Annie SMITH for 2018’s edition, It has transformed me in many aspects of my life. Concerning the ministry I learnt to hear and know the voice of God through the Sent One, and how to serve, how to give myself entirely to the Lord in service without seeking to be seen or known. I learnt to rely on Christ for transformation and now I allow God to do it
  • Mothers of Nations is for every woman on this planet who wants to make the difference, who does not just want to exist but live this Christ’s life and express it in the feminine fender in a unique way. Because from this program my life was transformed as I understood what it meant to be under the voice, I develop the attitude by the Grace of God, to be sensitive to the things of the

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