In the name of Jesus, I thank You for I am a son of God because You have sent forth the Spirit of Your Son into my heart that cries out ‘Abba Father.’ Thank You because my desires are now generated from the nature of God in me. The Spirit of Your Son in me confirms my sonship and generates in me genuine love for God. 

Thank You for the intimate relationship I have with You, Father. I am not afraid to call You “Daddy” because You have made me Your son. I come before You without any sense of condemnation, doubt, and fear. I have the confidence and assurance that influence all the aspects in my life and bring into operation the supernatural character of God in me. 

Thank You because Your relationship with me is a love affair. Your Zoe life is flowing through all the parts of my body. I see beyond the realm of the senses daily and walk in the consciousness of my oneness with you. Your thoughts flow in my mind and I begin to speak words inspired by supernatural utterance. The quality of the life of a son of God emerges in me and you see yourself in me. Thank you for my sonship. In the Name of Jesus.