In the name of the Lord Jesus, I thank you because you are my peace. You have broken down the barrier formed by the dividing wall between us and Christ. You have abolished all enmity in the flesh of Christ; the Law and its requirements. You have given us peace with You. Jesus Christ has come to give us peace, not as the world giveth. The peace You give does not depend on what we see but comes as a result of our reconciliation with You. We proclaim that we who were once far off have been drawn closer to You. This closeness with you has granted us unshakeable peace.  

I am not a foreigner in Your Kingdom; I belong to the family of Jesus. I am the brother of Jesus and He is not ashamed to call me brother because the same peace by which He quieted the waves of the sea resides in me to quiet every single situation that wants to steal my confidence and assurance in God. 

I am settled and established on the foundation built by the apostle and prophet – Christ Jesus Himself being the chief cornerstone. By virtue of my union with Him, His Spirit overwhelms every domain of my life. My position in Christ as a son of God can never be taken away from me. He is my dwelling place and my refuge. He is the One in whom I have found comfort and consolation. 

I walk in the eternal purpose of God, which He carried out in Christ Jesus my Lord, in whom I now have boldness, faith, and confidence through faith in Him. I acknowledge that the Lord Jesus Christ is granting me even according to the riches of His glory to be mightily strengthened through His Spirit in my inner man. That Christ might settle down in my heart through faith in love so that I will be rooted and grounded and administrate His power within me. 

I acknowledge the Love of Christ, which surpasses knowledge, that I may be filled with the fullness of God. Your word says You keep in perfect peace those who belong to You, God, and accept you. I decree the perfection of Your peace in every domain of my life, in the Name of Jesus,