I thank You because Your Word says he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit with Him. I thank You for my union with God. This union is spiritual, mental, social, and financial. I have received the common substance of the life of God. I am a partaker of the divine nature that flows through the vine because I am one with the vine. Christ dwells in me with the ceaseless supply of all that belongs to God. I learn to draw and partake of the essence I have received in Him. This divine nature has given me access to limitless possibilities. 

I have escaped the influence of incipient death. I have been rescued from thoughts of discouragement, doubt, and anxiety. I live in constant peace, which is the vital necessity for life. The inherent essence of the divine nature is permanently at work in me, bringing into realization every desire in me. By virtue of this union, all that constitutes the in-Christ nature is manifested through me. I manifest the quality of the nature of God because God is my Father. I am a son in whom the Father is pleased in. 

I seek to express the beauty of Christianity in all that I do. I desire to know Him and express Him more. When He birthed me into the Word of His grace, His nature became my nature. It generated the greatest relationship that exists, which is that of Father and Son. Eternal life is now my experience. I am acquainted with this Life of God that resides in me daily. My spirit has become the abode of God and my desire is to dwell in the presence of the Lord forever. This oneness I have with God is not only a relationship but a fellowship and it is the key to manifesting the Christ-life in me. I see progress in every aspect of my life and walk in my inheritance as a result of maintaining a rich fellowship with my Father. 

By virtue of the nature of God in me, I have access to all the rights and privileges that belong to God. I have a face-to-face audience with God and behold Him daily in the multifaceted dimensions of His grace and glory. As a possessor of the life of God, I have the right to live at His own level and in His own class. My relationship with the Father is the highest privilege I have received in Christ Jesus and everything else that I desire flows out of this relationship. I cherish this intimate relationship I have with the heavenly Father. He is the source of my faith, the Author and Finisher of my faith. His divine nature and living Word have become the very essence of my being and my joy. I no longer live an ordinary life, but the life I live transcends and exceeds this natural sphere of life. 

All that I do is distinguished by virtue of my acknowledgment of the power that is at work in my divine nature. I share the same nature with the Father. I acknowledge the immeasurable and inexhaustible love You demonstrated towards me by giving me Your Son Jesus. 

Thank You for Your Life, which is Your nature to love. You have given me this same Life that I may express this love towards those around me, to the same degree that You have loved me. Thank You because I am a tree planted by the rivers of waters, that brings forth its fruits in its season. My leaves will never wither and whatever I do as a result of the divine nature in me will prosper.