I thank You because You have given unto me Your Spirit of truth that has come to guide me into all truth. Thank You because Your anointing in my spirit teaches me and grants me discernment in all things, that I may properly divide the Word of truth. 

I am alert to anything that comes from an unrenewed mind and wrong motives to defile my life. Your Spirit has come to be my helper in my weaknesses and wrong attitudes. I recognize that You are my life and that by Christ in me and the Spirit of God in me, I am able to escape the work of the flesh. I walk in all that You have provided through the work of Your crucifixion and Your resurrection. 

I infect my surrounding with patience, love, peace, and joy. Your Spirit in me is the Spirit of holiness. You enable me to respond to Your bliss and be sensitive to Your precious voice. Your Spirit takes control over me today and fills my being with Your presence. I impact into my soul and body the power of Your love. 

I give You praise, Father, for I have found personal help, comfort, and strength through Your Spirit in me. Thank You because You have sent me the Comforter. You have not left me as an orphan. You have given me an Advocate and the Helper to walk alongside me. Even when I do not know how to pray, Your Spirit makes intercession on my behalf according to Your will, with groanings that cannot be uttered. 

Thank You because all things work for the good of those who love You and walk according to Your purpose. I am filled with Your Spirit daily; He communicates Your power and love in my life. I have received through Him, wisdom, understanding, counsel, and might. Through Your sevenfold Spirit, I have acquired knowledge and the fear of the Lord. I yield myself to the working of the gifts of the Spirit: the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, the discerning of spirits, the word of faith, and prophecy in my life. 

I receive through Your Spirit the power to be a witness of Jesus to the world. I decree that I am not afraid of whosoever. Your Word is nigh me, and wherever I go, I am not ashamed of Your Word, which is the power of God unto salvation. I preach Your Word and transmit Your life. I walk in permanent faith and love and discern every opportunity I have to preach the gospel and use the gifts of Your Spirit to reveal Your love and mercy. 

Your Spirit in me is the Spirit of glory, the Spirit of life, and the Spirit of Jesus Himself, who has been invested and clothed with glory after His seating at the right hand of the Father. The power of Jesus, the Christ glorified is at work in me, to strengthen me with all the rights and power that I may do the same works that Jesus did and even greater. 

Your Spirit of life energizes my soul and body. I bear in my body the mark of Christ and rejoice in all His accomplishment. I am a benefactor of all His accomplishments. Because of Your Spirit of life in me, I can say like Jesus, “I am he that lived, and that was dead and behold is alive forevermore”. It is no longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me. Thank You for Your Spirit of grace that has come that I should escape the tribulation that is in this world. I decree by Your Spirit in me that I grow in the knowledge of God and the fear of the Lord. 

My inability does not limit me because I walk in Christ’s ability. I do nothing by my might or my power but by the Spirit of the Lord. The Spirit of God in me is the Spirit of faith. I decree that I am increasing in faith. I use the sword of the Spirit wherever I go. I use Your Word to subdue every contrary situation and everything that wants to raise itself up against the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your Spirit in me brings me into God’s light and the brightness, and the world will notice. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,