In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I thank You for the power of the resurrection, which is at work in my regenerated human spirit: that power which you used to raise Jesus Christ from the dead – the greatest single exercise of the divine omnipotence of God. Thank You because this limitless outburst transcended energy, which you used to raise Jesus from among the dead operates as well in me for His resurrection was also my resurrection. He has given me His resurrected Life. Thank you because I am a partaker of this resurrection Life through the faith of God in me. 

I decree that I and all in whom I have a loving interest are quickened and made alive by this power. I decree that any stagnant situation in my life is contaminated by this power of the resurrection Life of Jesus. I am united and one with Him. Thank you for the vital effect of this Life in every domain of my life. 

Christ has become everything to me. By virtue of this power, there are no impossibilities in my life. He became 100% human and took all my weaknesses, sin, sickness, and disease in all their forms. He has delivered me from all that kept me bound and separated me from Him. I thank You because even as by the one man, Adam, sin, sickness, and death came into the world, by the one Man, Christ Jesus, justification, life, and divine health has come to me for I am identified with the glorified Christ. 

I receive the working of His mighty power in my life, spiritually, mentally, physically, socially, and financially. That power of the power of His power is being made manifest in my life daily. Though I was once under the power of sin, I now live under the power of the resurrected Christ. He infuses in me His energy and life and reverses the ageing process in my life, in the Name of Jesus. 

I release this resurrection Life upon my spiritual life, in my family, in my business, in the Name of Jesus. The power of death is canceled and annulled in my life. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in my regenerated human spirit; it saturates my soul and administrates the Life of God in my body. Thank you because this power has made available for me everything that is good and pleasing unto the Lord Jesus. The vast resources of God are made available to me, in the Name of Jesus,