Eternal Father,

Thank You for the gift of righteousness that brings divine health in my life. Your word says the sun of righteousness will arise in the life of the believer with healing in its wings. I live life without sickness because I am established in Your righteousness.

I leap with joy every day of my life. Your righteousness has covered me with a rich harvest and causes me to be glorified. My life is covered with abundant righteousness. You supply me with bountiful and abundant righteousness. 

I see an intensification of Your blessing in my life because You have come to glorify those who believes that Christ has carried away their sin. Thank You that this righteousness is a catalyst to unanswered prayer. I come before you with boldness and without any sense of fear. When I pray and decree, I believe and receive because I pray in the righteousness and consciousness of Christ. Thank You that this righteousness has delivered me from the fear of death. I experience rejuvenation in the name of Jesus. 

I receive preferential treatment because I do not look at what I can accomplish but at all that Christ has accomplished for me, as me and in my benefit. This righteousness causes me to encounter Your presence. I decree that because I have right standing with You, Your presence has become a part of my life. I find myself in you. I experience sweet communion with you daily. I am no longer far away from you. 

This righteousness releases the anointing of the Holy Spirit to flow out of me and brings in the oil of gladness that affects every person around me. Your righteousness releases unspeakable joy and I have become a joyful person. This immeasurable joy brings the fulfillment of every single expectation in my life. You fill my life with wealth. I stand in my liberty knowing that Christ has made me free. The yoke of bondage no longer entangles me and no one can place an accusation on my life. I keep my life upon the person and work of Jesus and I am empowered to reign in blessings and prosperity. 

I enjoy all the advantages attached to Christ’s crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection, ascension and seating in heavenly places. I decree that Christ receives the just recompense of His sacrifice in me. In the Name of Jesus,