I thank you because you sent your son Jesus Christ to make a new righteous man. You have fully brought the righteousness that comes from God alone to light in my life. He has imputed this divine righteousness into my spirit without any works or merit on my part. You have manifested this righteousness apart from any performance of the law but through faith alone in Christ Jesus. 

Thank you because the Lord Jesus obtained this righteousness by faith and offers it fully, completely, and above measure in me when I believed in Him and confessed Him as Lord. Thank You for You have also imparted in me the faith for me to believe in this righteousness I have received; the same faith through which I received Christ. This faith transmits into my life the same, identical, and infinite quality of righteousness that you possess. Your righteousness is displayed as a clear light in my life. I no longer see myself as a sinner saved by grace because I am saved and cannot be called a sinner anymore. I have been righteousified through faith in Jesus Christ. Christ became sin that I may become His righteousness. There is no distinction between Christ and me anymore. 

This righteousness has made me accepted in your sight. You see no blemish, spot, or wrinkle in me. You have not only permanently acquitted me from all charges but You have imparted unto me Your own righteousness. Thank You because Christ took every sentence that was attached to my sin and all its consequences. I bless You because the sacrifice of Jesus has made everyone accepted and received. 

I have been given the privilege to stand before You as Christ Himself. I praise You because I know when You look at my life, You see no failure but the victory of Christ on the cross. I declare that this is my focus. I now enjoy every given right and privilege that is attached to the righteousness of Christ. I am no longer under any form of accusation or guilt of the law. I live in the light of what Christ has accomplished through His death on the cross. 

I am established in the doctrine of righteousness. I am liberated from every sense of unworthiness or oppression. I am established in peace and security because Your word says the word of righteousness shall bring peace, quietness, and assurance in my life forever. There is no accusing voice nagging me because I am now united with Christ. His righteousness has given me peace with God and this peace flows through me. 

There is nothing missing or broken in my life. Your peace that passes understanding surrounds me like a garrison of soldiers, guarding my soul from being troubled. I thank You because I have received face-to-face audience with you. I stand justified by faith before You, without any sense of accusation or failure. 

In the Name of Jesus,