Eternal Father,
I thank You for You are my life. You have imparted Yourself unto me and made me a possessor of Your very own Life, and in the same manner as You possess it. Thank You for making me a partaker of Your Life; that which is now within me is the origin from which flows all the different aspects of my life.
I thank You for the full effects of Your Eternal Life in the five realms of my life: spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and financially. I decree that this Life I now possess in You permeates these realms of my life, and my whole being relates with you.
Thank You for investing Your authority in me to speak on Your behalf. You have fathered me with Your own seed, which is Your word. I now possess Your very nature. I have become your embodiment, expression, manifestation and representation.
I partake of the union Christ has with the Father. As He is in the Father, so am I in Him. I am hidden in the most sacred place. I have now received Your Zoe-life, Your very essence, the Life that makes You God.
I have received the ability, the grace to walk in this divine, uncreated Life, which causes You to reproduce Yourself in me, causing me to emerge and come forth as a divine being, even as divine as You.I believe and know that I am full of You and there is no room for anything else. I declare that I come into the experience of the fullness of what you are, which is already in me. Thank you because I am born of Your seed; I walk and bear in me Your same quality of Life, now and every other day. In the Name of Jesus,