You said the joy of the Lord is my strength. I believe that your joy resides in me. I thank you that fear, depression and brokenness are canceled from my life. You have given me the right and authority over sadness and everything that the cosmos wants to bring against my life. 

I decree in the Name of the Lord Jesus that I am clothed with the garment of praise. I cast all my cares upon You for I know that You care for me. I declare that I will never be stressed, anxious or worried.  I walk with your joy daily. This joy in me is unspeakable and it allows me to delight in Your goodness in my life. 

I thank You because you have removed every bondage, heaviness and every single weight that brings worry in my life. I am in Your likeness and through me, your light shines in my surrounding. You have become my light and that light in me has become my life. It shines forth everywhere I go.  I give you praise, glory and honour for what you have done in my life through Christ Jesus.