In the Name of our Lord Jesus, your Word says you are the light of the world and he that follows you will never walk in darkness but in the light of life. I declare that Jesus, whom I have received in my life, has become my light and my life. He has become the source of my life and the light that He is in me flows in every area of my life. 

The effect of the Life of God in me permeates my soul and enhances my personality. This Life of God in me boosts my intellectual, thought process so that I can operate beyond mere human reasoning. I declare that I am even greater than all the Old Testament prophets by virtue of the One who is my life. I agree with God and lean on the Holy Ghost who has come to make me intelligent. I am distinguished from those around me. 

I decree that Gentiles and nations come to seek the wisdom of God in me. I receive creative ideas, inventions, strategies and solutions to every problem I encounter in my life and everyone around me. I decree that I am called to be the light of life. I will not step into spiritual darkness, but I have been translated and now live in the brightness of the Son of God. My cause is no more uncertain. The transactions of my daily affairs are under the influence of this God-life. I am a beneficiary of supernatural advantages for me to have victorious living. 

I decree history will testify, the civilization of men will affirm, that the life within me is established in a superior dimension. Because of the light of God in me, my spiritual progress is evident for all to see. The life in me is the light of civilization and I communicate this life through the Gospel I have become and which preach. I decree that I am delivered from every primitive state and my intelligence is remarkable wherever I go. I am in for a life of exploits in my generation. I am the solution of humanity and all its questions. 

By the power of the Gospel, I receive a platform in structures, systems and enterprises in the Name of the Lord Jesus. This is the hour for me to arise in the light of life, for the true spiritual development of my world. The world sees in me a son who has come to maturity. I am not derailed or distracted by anything that constitutes this world. I decree that I master and administrate this system of things with this God-kind of life, in the Name of the Lord Jesus,