I thank You because You are the Prince of Peace. You have given me peace that the world cannot provide. You crushed the enemy under Your feet. You are the good Shepherd who has given His life for the sheep, so that they will never lack. No stranger can take me away from You. 

I praise You, oh Lord, with my whole heart. I decree that I show forth all Your marvellous works and rejoice in them. My heart and soul permanently sing praises to Your name. I thank You for completeness, wholeness, and the perfection of Your finished works. You are my defender and victory. I walk in the consciousness that though a thousand men fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, none of my enemies shall come near me. I have been delivered from the snare of the fouler and the bondage of my carnal mind. 

Thank You because You are always with me, and You will never forsake me. Your promises in my life are assured. You have given me a sound mind through Your saving life in me. I decree that I walk in Your resurrection Life, that I may be a demonstration of Your goodness and victory over the world’s fallen system. I please You in all that I do because Your Word upholds everything in my life. Thank You because You are my source, light, refreshment, and strength. 

My soul will walk in praise continuously. My soul will look steadily at the magnitude of Your accomplishment for me. There is no obstacle and no hindrance in my life, for I am one with you. Jesus is my High Priest and my forerunner. He has obtained for me everything that pertains to life and godliness. 

I walk in a permanent state of praise because greater is the one who is in me. Christ has run the course and obtained everything for me. Thank You for my wholeness. Thank You because You are the balm of Gilead, who heals every broken wound. Thank You for the promise of the Father to me. Christ is my Intercessor, my Advocate, and daily, I obtain and receive every provision. 

As the Lamb of God, You have taken away sin and all its consequences in my life. You have shown forth greater love by laying down Your life for me. I praise You with all of my heart for the overflowing abundance of Your blessing. Your joy has become my strength. You are the expression of the utmost confidence in God’s Word. You have ordained praises in my mouth to show Yourself mighty and avenge the enemies of salvation. My soul finds pleasure in You. 

You have paid the price that I might walk in the blessing of Abraham. I am marked with Your blessing and anointing. Through praise, I receive every single harvest appointed for me. Through praise, I decree the earth yields its increase to me. The earth and all its systems tremble at my appearing because they know who I am. 

I will show forth Your name by bringing Your presence wherever I go. I walk in the confidence that all is done and supplied for me. You are the author and finisher of my faith. You guide my feet into the way of peace. You withhold no good thing from me, but all my needs are richly supplied. I enter into Your rest today in the Name of Jesus,