In the Name of our Lord Jesus, Your Word says those who receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Christ Jesus. I praise You because I have received Christ in my life; I have received the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. Not by any meritorious work on my part, but by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. 
I give You praise because I now reign in life through Him and by Him. I declare poverty, lack, and misfortune, which came in through the first Adam, have been corrected through the second Adam, Christ Jesus. He has brought into my life the reign of joy, peace, and His grace. I decree that I reign as a king in life through the one Man, Christ Jesus, because He has become the Lord of my life.
I am in the position to reign over everything that pertains to this fallen system. Christ corrected the defeated position Adam’s fall brought, and brought me to the position of reigning. I am now seated in heavenly places with Him, whence I look and administrate the things of the Kingdom of God. I reign in this life in the same way a king reigns over His kingdom. I depend on this free gift and lean unto it. I declare that I am an heir of God’s promises and a joint-heir with Christ Jesus in God’s Kingdom. I have the same right as Christ Jesus Himself because I am included in the perichoretic union that He has with the Father. I am within the closest union that exists in heaven and earth. I have legal rights and privileges and now appropriate them as an heir and child of God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. 
I have received authority to rule this land and walk in the good things of this land. My life is renewed and focused. I am not cast down or broken by what the system of this world wants to portray to me because I do not define my life from the natural, but by looking at the things that pertain to God. Those invisible and superior things are what administrate and govern my life, because I am born of the Spirit of the Lord. God reproduces Himself in my life. He has recreated my spirit and given me His life. I accept and confess the sacrifice of Jesus. The Spirit of God has taken over my life. I have received a new life, which is the life of God, a life that has never existed before. As I discover who I am in Christ Jesus, my health, social life, physical and financial life, are taking new meaning in the Name of Jesus. 
There is no storm, hindrance, or obstacle that can overshadow me. I am not defeated by the pressures of this world. 
The power of the Holy Spirit dwells in me and I take my rightful place to live this superior life, this heavenly life, which is above the beggarly elements of this world. I walk in the strength I have received from Christ Jesus, the comfort I have received from His Holy Spirit, the privileges and rights I am a beneficiary of. I govern this world. Thank You, Father, because with Christ, I can do all things and go wherever I desire to go. His power and strength are my testimony; I am the new superman of God in the world. Nothing can stop me from exercising my righteousness and dominion over the works of God’s hand. He has given me authority to rule over everything He has created. I am an effective Christian, a victorious Christian, and more than a conqueror because of Him who lives in me. In the name of the Lord Jesus