In the Name of Jesus, I thank You that I am anointed to prosper.

My eyes are open to see creative ways to increase financially. My ears are open to hear the best ideas coming from the Holy Ghost.

My heart has been made pure once and for all by the unique sacrifice of Jesus and there is no confusion within me.

The Holy Spirit channels my finances through prosperous ways. I am always on the path of perpetual increase. I am wealthy because I am an offspring of Abraham.

You have blessed him and all his generation. You have made his offspring to be a blessing wherever they go. Wealth and riches are in my house because I am the righteousness of God.

I decree that every seed that I have ever sown is bringing supernatural abundance in my life. Every expectation that I have will never be cut short because You are a father that cannot lie.

I decree that money comes to me. My nature attracts money and I am free from the fear of lack. I can never lack because I am Your son and I choose to follow You.

I am free from debts; I am a lender and not a borrower. The wealth of the wicked is being transferred to me, and I commit myself to the establishment and furtherance of the kingdom of God on the earth.

I am a kingdom distribution center. My life is a distribution channel for God’s work in the world. I am a reference.

Thank You, because money comes to me abundantly, every second and minute. I am anointed for prosperity. You want my life to prosper even as my soul prospers.

Abundance is Your will for me because it is Your pleasure that I increase. I call forth increase and abundance, and declare that I will never be broke any other day of my life, in the Name of Jesus,