Father, I bless You, 
Thank You for the cross of Christ which indicates that as Christians we do not need to try to gain Your approval by our own efforts. You have reconciled every man unto yourself, through the saving work of Jesus Christ on the cross. I pray for the Christians who are still under the bondage of religion. I declare and believe that it is for freedom that you made us free. I decree that Christians all over the world are free from the yoke of religion. They are free from every single institution that is trying to keep them bound in the delusion of proving themselves before God by their own works.

Thank you because all the Christians who are seeking you in truth and spirit will realize that there is only one way for salvation, which is through Christ and Christ alone. We pray that out of their sincerity in seeking you, they will be redirected to what is the true essence of Christianity, which is to be Christ-like.

We decree that we have become everything for those who are looking for you. Due to salvation, which is all of grace, every believer becomes a son of God. Thank you because believers are now exposed to the truth that you fulfilled all requirements and God’s demand, for them to live a life of blessing without measure. Thank you for your unconditional love that you demonstrated through your death on the cross and by this death on the cross, we now proclaim that all Christians are free from everything that has been keeping them down.
I commit angels at work to minister to the heirs of salvation. At my word, I commit them to introduce these to the life which is in you, in the name of the Lord Jesus.