In the name of Jesus, I thank You because I share Your gene. I am as divine as You are, in my regenerated spirit. From You I proceed and derive my genealogy. I spring and emerge from the same origin, the same source as Your Son, Jesus Christ. You have made me an absolute, original son of God. I am so full of God that there is no room in me for anything else than God. I declare that I walk in the experience of the fullness of God that already resides in me. 

Thank You for Your original intent manifested in Jesus Christ, that I may be like Him. Thank You because You have possessed me to be distinct and separated. You have purposed me as Your prototype, the original new God-kind of man. Your word of grace has ushered me into a new era. I am a new kind of species that has never existed before. 

I am not an ordinary or mere human because I know that you are in me. You in me make me one who has never been known or perceived by mere understanding. I give you praise because I am a partaker of the divinity of Christ. He took my humanity that I should partake of His divinity. He became so very poor that I might become so very rich. 

Eternal Father, thank You for reproducing Yourself through me today. Thank You for causing Christ to emerge and come forth through me today.  Wherever I go, the people encounter the power of God’s Life that resides in me. I declare that my spirit transmits and imparts the life of Christ in every single person I meet today. I give you praise because everything that constitutes the spiritual life of Christ, all that constitutes His being has been transferred unto me. Divinity has now become the very essence of my being and the reason why I live. 

I thank You because I have received equality with You by calling You my Father. I acknowledge that I am issued forth from You. I have in me the zoe-life, which is your very essence. The ordinary things of this life do not drive me; I am an in-Christ incarnation. I am much more than just the creation of God, even as Jesus Christ Himself when He was walking on the face of the earth. I am joined to the Spirit of the glorified Jesus. I am a partaker of the perichoretic union that I have received of the Father and I live out of that union. 

I have become your embodiment, your manifestation, expression and representation on the earth. It is no blasphemy for me to say I am as divine as God is. I will not allow the traditions of men to rob me of my identity. Knowing You and who I am in You is the greatest blessing. I walk in this state of life. I allow Your eternal life to flow through me, within me and to affect every single person around me. 

I declare I am no more empty, unsatisfied or lonely. I have found in You the true sense of peace. Not peace that depends on the exterior aspects of life but the peace I receive from you is Life. My search is over. I am filled with the God-stuff, and because there is no high like the Most High in my life, I am uplifted and experience increase in every realm. I live the ascended life in the Name of the Lord Jesus,