In the Name of Jesus, I thank you because my identification with Christ has changed the definition of who I am. I am now considered and treated as one with Christ. I am not under the trap of the identity crisis that has plagued humanity. Nothing else but Christ defines who I am, what I have and gives me a name.

My destiny in Christ Jesus is the greatest gift and confidence that I have in life. I am certain, established and confident of my future. My identification with you is stronger than any other name or identity. Because you have received the Name which is above all names, my name is made great. I do not express who I am not.

Your Word says, ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.’ This is what I think of myself: I have been elevated, transcended, glorified, uplifted and promoted. It is what I have become, in the Name of Jesus.

My life is ordained to be a life of glory and impact in my generation. No one or nothing defines what I think of my life. I look at myself from the heavenly perspective of who God has made me to be. I am proud of my identity in Christ and I am distinguished wherever I go. I am not a sinner, I am not cursed, sick, poor, or having no influence and authority in the world. I see myself as a success.

I do not perceive circumstances and situations out of a natural perspective. What Christ has come to make me exceeds what the world can make out of me. The revelation of my identity in Christ is more powerful than any other identity. I acknowledge that of Him I am in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto me wisdom, righteousness, and sanctification. All that concerns me carry in it the stem of my identity. I have access to the limitless resources of the heavenly realm because Christ has become my victory.