In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I acknowledge my husband’s headship over me. I will not despise nor dishonour him, even as the Church can never despise Christ. I will never bring shame to him. As your word says, the woman is the glory of the man; I decree that I am my husband’s glory. I am the expression of his beauty, his care, prayers, authority, and love. I depend entirely on him. There is nothing I do without His approval. 

I value and share his words and counsel. I do not have power over him, but I love him with all my heart. Wherever he goes, my love is seen in his appearance.  Your word says the man is not without the woman; neither is the woman without the man.

I decree that I am not without my husband in the Lord. I am not separated from him. I agree with what he preaches; I follow him and encourage him to partake in all that Christ has partaken of. I pray and intercede for him and support him. He has found in me a friend and refuge where he has his comfort. My words are loving and encouraging to him. 

Thank you because my husband is the head of our home. He seeks God in every decision and works according to the Holy Spirit’s counsel and the purpose of God. We are established in God’s kingdom, and we count it a privilege to share in its advancement. I will not stand against the purpose of God concerning our lives. We will give pre-eminence to the work of Christ and the furtherance His message. We are established in Him, and God Himself establishes our relationship that it may grow in love, honour, and perfection. 

God had presented us as perfect and blameless in His sight, even before the worlds were formed. We are used as an example among authorities and spiritual leaders. Our union is inseparable. None can cause any confusion between us. I cherish my time with him and hearken to his word. He is distinguished among all men because of my love for him. 

Your word says children are an inheritance unto those who have them. I decree that my womb is made fruitful. I receive my husband’s seed and conceive children that are as an inheritance for us. Our union grows. Our children grow in the knowledge of God, and we are preserved as a family, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. I decree that he is able to deliver to me all he has received from the Lord Jesus. I receive his mind and the grace to know him and know his thoughts. I do not seek to accuse or blame him. I decree he is perfect and blameless before me even as Christ is perfect before the Church. I follow him step-by-step, even as the Church walks according to the pattern of Christ. 
I will not be derailed from his path, nor will I be confused. No one and nothing will be able to derail me. I stand firm with my husband and believe in him to see and encourage him as a successful man. I speak words of encouragement and blessings to him; I make declarations of success upon his life, in the Name of Jesus. 

I give absolute reverence to my husband. Immorality and covetousness will not get into our union. We will not give ourselves to wickedness and foolish talking, but we will give thanks to the Lord daily. We will not work with the sons of disobedience. Our union is the light to this world, and we manifest this light in all goodness and righteousness. I decree that as my husband is pleasing to the Lord, I learn to be pleasing unto him. He will not be part of the unfruitful works of darkness but will arise and shine among his mates. 

The Spirit of the Lord guides him, and he takes heed to the word of the Lord. He walks like a wise man, giving the most of his time unto the Lord. He perfectly understands the will of God for our lives. He does not get drunk with wine but is continually filled by the Spirit. I give You thanks in all things that concern our lives, in the Name of  Jesus,