Eternal Father,

I thank you for my regeneration.

Thank you that I have received Christ, and because I have received Him, I am accepted and placed into Him, not based on any meritorious work.

I rely on your grace which you have fully provided for me by means of the substitution of Christ; I did not earn my salvation.

I praise you because my daily way of living operates in the same grace which I have received by faith in you.

I now live an acceptable life before you. I make consistent progress in growing in you. I live a transformed life beyond recognition.

Thank you for your plan for me which is to express you through my day to day activity in a way that is unique to me.

I thank you because I have now become a colabourer, joined together with you, to enjoy the good works which you have prepared in advance even before I was born.

I now walk under your grace by abiding continuously in you, relying and depending on you.

I move forward every day. There is no delay, whatsoever, in my life.
I seize every opportunity that I see before me to serve you.

I rejoice in your omnipotence in my life. I rejoice that you have allowed me to participate in the plans and intentions that you have for my generation.

Thank you because every price in my life has been paid by the crucified Christ: He has fully paid every debt I could owe to sickness, death, and every single obligation that could hold me bound. I am now free.

He has paid and exceeded the cost. He has released me from any obligation towards God.

Thank you because the sacrifice of Christ has secured my life forever and has secured for me a life of all-encompassing victory in every sphere of life.

I believe that all the promises of God are fulfilled; all the promises that the Father pledged by the obedience of Jesus Christ has been fulfilled.

Thank you because Christ did it and I got it, all by His grace, in the Name of Jesus,