In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I thank You because Your Word says You both minister seed to the sower and bread to the eater.  You multiply the seed sown and increase the fruit of our righteousness. You have made me a sower in Your kingdom. You occupy the office of Lord in my life. As my High Priest, you willingly offered Your life in love to receive the abundance of sons.

Your nature of a sower has been planted within me because I am one with You, thus possessing Your very nature. Thank You because You have as Your responsibility to provide the believer with the money he has purposed to give, and bread to the eater, which comes from the harvest. I decree that I am able to distinguish the money for seed and that for bread. I decree in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that nothing will hinder the ceaseless supply of Your all-inclusive grace in my life. 

Whatever I purpose and determine in my mind to give, I give for the furtherance of the work in Your Kingdom, and to the one whom You have ordained to speak over my life. I acknowledge that Jesus Christ has become my wisdom for me to manage the money in my possession according to His will. I will not use what I intended to sow as money for bread. 

Thank You because You provide the money a grace-giver needs and for every increase in my life, my seed increases. You continue to provide and multiply my resources as well as the harvest of my seed sown. I will not diminish the seed You have ministered to me to sow; I am a great giver and a partner to minister to souls.  

Thank You for You have blessed my assets. I receive uncommon wisdom to have a consistent and quantum leap increase. I join my giving with an attitude of joy believing You have provided a supernatural harvest for me. Thank You because you superimpose and intensify my capacity to give, by making every resource available that exceeds every need in my life. I decree that I will not cut short my process of harvest; I will not faint or get weary in giving, but I will live a lifestyle of a sower because of Your love which resides in me. I will never lack a seed whenever there is a need in the Kingdom. I am bound to prosper because I am a grace-giver, in the Name of Jesus,