I thank You because the time has come when I will ask nothing from Your Son Jesus because You have given me direct access into Your presence, and whatever I ask or desire will be granted to me. I present before Your throne of grace, the desires of my heart today. Your Word says if I focus on seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, His favour, and righteous course, every other thing shall be added unto me. I decree that material things come to my life. I speak increase and heaps of grace upon heaps of grace in my life. 

I decree I have enough for myself and for all those who are around me. I supply for the needs of Your kingdom, and my cup overflows. Men and women look up to me, and Gentiles come to my rising. I live in superabundant provision, in the realm where there is nothing missing or broken in my life. Thank You because You meet my every need. You use me as an advertisement to show forth Your Fatherhood in me. I walk in the consciousness that my Father has richly blessed me. There is no area in my life in need, but I walk in the awareness that I have received all things in Christ Jesus. 

Thank You because You have reversed and corrected the situation of man walking under the system of the world. I no longer toil in order to live, but I am now living according to the standard of the second Adam. Thank You for those You have placed in positions of authority to favour me and grant me graces. I operate in the heavenly system, which governs and administrates the system of this world. I have the best of contracts, positions, and possessions that my mates cannot obtain. God is my source; I am not limited by a salary, for my basket is full of God’s riches. 

I am debt-free. Jesus has received the keys of the world and its systems and the keys of life and death. He has given me the power and authority to reign in this world. I reign as Him, by Him and through Him. I am not a defeated Christian, but I reign over all things. I excel in the grace of giving. I am not an infidel, but I am he who knows how to take care of his family and those around me. Thank You that You make all grace abound towards me, that I, having all things, may abound in every good work. 

I minister that same Life Jesus ministered when He was on earth, giving life, hope, and joy to those who are around me, in the Name of Jesus. 

I invest in every need that I see in Your kingdom. I am always receiving from You thoughts, on how to administrate Your kingdom in the world. It is time for me to eat the good of the land because I am a son seated on the table with my heavenly Father. Thank You that You have granted me Your life and favour and Your visitation in my life is enjoyed daily.