In the name of the Lord Jesus, I thank you because I have the Spirit, which is breath essential for life. 

I operate in the same power that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead. I decree that I walk in the consciousness of the knowledge that is attached to the Spirit upon. 

The power of God which is inherent to my spirit is capable to recreate my life. I decree that this power that originates from the Holy Spirit is now activated and becomes operational in every single area of my life and at all times. 

My faith in you is that which commands and vitalizes the working of the Dunamis power of God in me. 

I activate that Dunamis power by yielding unto the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I decree this power becomes fully operational in my life to cause and effectuate changes to flow towards me. This power is effectuated and operational in me; I am not a powerless Christian. In the name of Jesus,