Been made in Christ

Mothers of Nations is for every woman on this planet who wants to make the difference, who does not just want to exist but live this Christ’s life and express it in the feminine fender in a unique way. Because from this program my life was transformed as I understood what it meant to be under the voice, I develop the attitude by the Grace of God, to be sensitive to the things of the Spirit.

I have learnt that everything starts by being true and sincere to oneself, and as a woman to not be lost in unproductive activities, that I am called to reflect Christ and be fully conscious of His image that I represent. Now, as a woman, I became professional comfortable and never overwhelmed with work activity. I do my job with integrity as an authentic woman effective in Christ. I became so confident and assured as I see who I have been made in Christ, and I can see the impact in my sphere of influence.

I thank Father God for Dr Annie SMITH for taking time to poor herself and all that which Father God has deposited in her into us to make us authentic women envied in our generation.


Yaounde – Cameroon

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