Alive Unto God

God has placed us in the Son, Christ Jesus. Our adoption is Him publicly affirming us as His heirs. It has nothing to do with the life within you. Although our placement in the Son is invisible, it is a public affirmation of the Father that we are His heirs. It’s an enthronement; an endorsement. It is God recommending us not just unto Himself but also publicly. These are the implications of adoption and these implications are both interior and exterior. Interior in that God recommends us to Himself and exterior in that He recommends us unto the world. This reveals the gravity of us trying to recommend ourselves. If God is the One who recommends us to Himself, there are inter-relations and certain things that will be required to meet up, to fit in. He has qualified us. It’s an intrinsic reality that no one can ever change. However, our willingness causes us to walk into that dimension as we identify with who He is and what He has done. Unfortunately, many women take this qualification from God to give themselves to distraction. Distraction only comes to take away from you and to empty you. It is anything that does not carry God’s recommendation unto Himself, and the public recommendation for us to administrate on His behalf. It is anything that does not bear the seal of God unto Himself, nor the public representation of His majesty to the world. It only results in weariness, tiredness and emptiness.

2 Corinthians 4:10-12

Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be manifest in our mortal flesh. So then death worketh in us, but life in you

Paul summarizes what I will call ‘Life unto God’. It is rather astonishing that to explain this, he had to contrast it with death in his body. The word “death” used in the passage does not refer to the Greek term, ‘nekros’. It does not speak about a complete ceasing of the faculties of our bodies. It does not refer to a complete ceasing of the faculties of our bodies. Paul was talking about a daily experience of death that has to do with him choosing to walk in the two dimensions of our placement in the Son or not. That is, in God’s recommendation unto Himself and His recommendation unto the world. This has several attachments. He would have the choice to put to naught any desire that does not align to these two realities. It is a choice; no one can constrain you to do it. This is the constraint of the love of God. These are inner workings of His power in you. When Paul speaks about death working in his body so that the life of God can also be manifested in him, he admits the fact that we inter-relate with a natural world that has its reality. In this world, there are tendencies, desires, and purposes that you want to fulfill. These are intricately linked to who you are as “yourself”, and not the person you were called to be in the context of Christ. The former is that person born to a given family in a given region of the world, who went to a particular school, and so on. But now, Paul is explaining the dialectic between ‘him as himself’ and the “yet not I but Christ” that takes over ‘him as himself’, and which becomes the one for whom he’s living (Gal. 2:20). That’s why he would say that he is “delivered unto death every day”; he’s always bearing in this body the dying of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is a moment of your faith walk when you see the realities of your abode in Christ and your walk-in Him as the two greatest blessings that you’ll ever have in your life. These are completely disconnected from material blessings. It is a point in your walk where you are so aware of the inner benefits and spiritual uplifting that come from these two realities. It is such that if everything was to be taken away from you and all you had left were these two realities, you would know that you still have the whole world. Paul explains in the passage that the fruit of the death of Christ working in his body is the manifestation of the life of Christ.

There is the legal work and the experiential work. The legal work speaks of everything that Christ has already done; it’s already accomplished. The experiential work speaks of the daily dying of Christ in our bodies, which precedes the manifestation of His life.

The way you take the process will determine your progression in these realities of the manifestation of His life. It may be a very smooth process. There are certain things that you could have followed, but you understood the two greatest blessings that can never be superseded by any other thing, not by a pursuit nor by any offer. You are abiding in His will and walking into His perfect will. You apprehend that for which you were apprehended, and you identify with Him. You understood the purpose of your life to be recommended unto Himself and unto the world, thus see that there is nothing more significant than these two blessings.  It will carry consequences. The Lord works it out differently in everyone’s life according to their availability. The good thing with God is that until you see the value of these things, He will not force them on you. He will allow you to take the natural path of life if that’s what suits you, but you already know the end of such a path.

We need to pray for God to grant us a complete and unbroken abiding, not one that varies depending on the obstacles we meet or not. Certain powers begin to operate in us as a result of this abiding. The first is that we will start walking in Him. God’s power known as “dunamis” power is issued from the consistent consciousness of our abode in Christ. It’s the power that is activated when we have the assurance that this is the perfect place to be, despite the heat of the day or what Apostle Paul would call “the dying of Jesus”. It is the Galatians 2:20 experience.

2 Corinthians 13:4

“For though he was crucified through weakness, yet he liveth by the power of God. For we also are weak in him, but we shall live with him by the power of God toward you.”

Paul says that the crucifixion was the weakness of Christ. He, who was the Son of God, emptied Himself for our sake. The One who created the whole universe, who was and is and is forever, deprived Himself of His prerogatives and accepted to put on our nature that we might be raised to His nature as sons. You emptying yourself of your “self” is experiencing “the dying of Jesus”. Because you are in Him, because you were crucified with Him, you are emptied of your own prerogatives, to be who you are called to be in Christ. You cannot live unto yourself and live unto God at the same time. You cannot highlight your strength and the weakness of Jesus Christ at the same time. This is a choice everyone has to make every day.

Christ’s weakness was Him abandoning the authoritative nature of His creative powers. He could have created any situation whatsoever in His favour. Instead of hanging on that cross, He could have been enthroned. He just needed to think about a situation, and it would have manifested. But guess what! He refused that; He had no second thoughts. He emptied Himself of His prerogatives. I refuse to use anything that seems to be of “myself” as power.

What is that plan? What is that position?  What is that pride? What is that decision? What is that name? What is that placement? What is that friendship? What is that lifestyle? What are those intentions? What are those reactions? What is that separation? What is that passivity? What are those things you are asked to empty yourself of so that His life may be manifested? He had to deny the use of the creative powers of life. Your weaknesses will be to deny the emergence of desires that are not of life. Things that lead to distraction and unto death. This is a daily choice.