Hi. I’m Rev. Dr. Annie Smith.

I am an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a co-labourer with my husband, Dr. Shawn Smith, who has received the mandate to present the revelation of Christ Jesus; the loveliness of His person, the perfection of His work, with excellence and clarity for the rising of the glorious church.”

I am the founder and administrator of several philanthropic organizations such as a New World Altogether (NWA), Institute for Professional Practices (IPP), African Gospel Association for Prisoners Evangelism (AGAPE), and CANERPA (Centre for African Nations Education and Research on Public Administration)  www.canerpa.org. These organizations bring relief to the sick, refugees, widows, orphans, and prisoners in Cameroon and neighboring countries and inspire reform in the business world. I am an active contributor in the shaping of public policy ideology in my country, Cameroon. In June 2014 my commitment to philanthropy was recognized by a national humanitarian award.

I host a national women’s conference dubbed, Mothers of Nations”. As a minister of the gospel of Grace, I have organized programs and training seminars with women to equip them with the understanding of New Testament ministry. I also believe in the divine destiny of female youth and continue to give myself to nurture in them the understanding of destiny and purpose. I have organised the popular “Tea Time” with girls and women to impart and transmit the understanding that I have receive from Father God through my husband, the man of God, Dr. Shawn Smith.

Together with my husband, Dr Shawn Smith, I coauthor a daily devotional, In Christ Devotions, and have also written other books such as the bestseller classic on purpose and destiny titled, Burning With Purpose” Vol. 1, and “Homolegeo”. As a minister of Christ, I serve alongside my husband in the local church we oversee, and also minister with him in several major international conferences.

I’m also the administrator of Gospel of Christ Ministries, an ever-expanding network of churches. In the course of my service, I have raised various female ministers in the grace to administrate church affairs according to the New Testament pattern of ecclesiastical government. I am very passionate about seeing the Gospel go forward, touching and transforming lives all across the world. This inspired the “Not A Step Without His Love” evangelism campaign covering the nation of Cameroon.

My husband and I founded an academy of excellence and quality education for children called Gifted Kids Christian Academy (GKCA). The ever-expanding school is a mix of local and international curricular studies together with a solid Christian education. Through GKCA, I am in pursuit of the goal of a Christian institution to raise Christian children who will grow in the consciousness of Christ from their very tender age.    www.giftedkidschristianacademy.org

I coordinate a vibrant band of worshipful praise singers called “Kaleo“, who released their first album in 2014, titled Christ Guarantee.. The band is all about presenting the unconditional love of God towards humanity. A message which I also convey in my Extended Play, “Blameless“.


In 2015 we launched the “Petitioning Heaven Campaign” and we continue to attend to your prayer requests. Send us your prayer requests at  infos@heartohearts.org

My latest publications are available via this address: www.gcmonlinestore.com

Discerning The Will of God For Your Life

Steward’s of God’s Riches

The Liberating Secret

Homolegeo (Confessions)  Audio Book