[su_heading size=”24″]Add one of these power declarations of Blessing by Dr Annie Smith on your Mother’s Day text or call to your mom.[/su_heading]

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  • You attain the fullness of your in-Christ potentials
  • The fullness of the love of God settles your mind with confidence
  • You live to your full capacity; the Spirit of God brings you vitality and the consciousness of peace with God.
  • By the limitlessness of the power of God, you have strength in and for every situation.
  • Being filled full with the fullness of god is your permanent state of being.
  • May Christ in you be manifested in you as wisdom in all you do
  • In all things and at all times you are surrounded by God’s favour; His love for you is your supernatural advantage.
  • God satisfies you with His favour and loads you full with His blessings.
  • God’s love for you crowns you with special honour.
  • May God fill you with the knowledge of His will, design and intended purpose for your life.