How to implement discipline in the household.

May 3, 2016

images (2)There are various phases of a child’s life and the administration of discipline in each phase is different. Parents are not supposed to start beating up a child when they are still a toddler.  God  has  shown  us  how  to  raise children,  which  is  through  His  dealing  with  man  in  the different dispensations.

When God first went to Abraham, he called Himself El Shaddai.

From the time a child is born  to the point where he reaches the age of accountability, which is when  he  becomes  conscious  of  his  nakedness,  your relationship  with  him  is  an  “El  Shaddai  relationship”, which  means  tenderness  of  simply  showing  him  love, making them confident that they are loved and accepted.

When they make a mistake, you need to show them it is a mistake.

When  he  enters  the  age  of  accountability, throughout  his  teenage  years,  you  relate  with  him  as Yahweh  related  with  Israel. 

This is when God gave the law. It is at this stage that you bring out  the understanding of  right  and  wrong  and  you  have  to  instill  a  system  of discipline  in  the  household.  This system of discipline is not the cane; using the cane should be the last resort for hideous crimes; for instance, if he or she insults a parent or in the case of theft etc.

As a Parent you need to introduce a system of reward for academic success, responsible behavior or kind gestures in a home; for example, if a child arranges his room.

You also need to implement rules and regulations in the home. Bring up your children to know what to do, where to do it, why , when and how to do it.

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