Sex during Pregnancy

May 3, 2016

is it safe to have sex during pregnancyYou may have heard several ideas or warnings about sex while pregnant, and chances are that most of these are simply myths. You may have heard these from a trusted resource or friend, and some of the ideas might make a lot of sense. However, a lot of people don’t really know about what they should and shouldn’t do with regards to sex while pregnant. Let me share some tips with you:

First of all pregnancy  is  not  some  sort  of  sickness;  which means  that  pregnancy  does  not  necessarily  mean  that sexual  relationship  should  be  suspended;  but  there  are precautions.

 The man should find a comfortable position and he should be gentle. It is important to understand that sex during pregnancy might need more time, and couples need to go slow. Being anxious or trying to reach climax in a hurry is surely going to be stressful and cause discomfort to you the expecting mother.

After delivery there must be abstinence from four to six months for you to heal completely. Basically, after you give birth, you are vulnerable to infection. Plus, your cervix needs time to close up again, and it typically takes about six weeks for that to happen.  Having sex too early increases your chances of pain and infection External play instead can be recommended: cuddling, kissing with your partner for example. Just make sure to hold off on any activity until you’re fully healed.

The  reason  why  couples  face  problems  in  their marriage  is  simply  because  of  their  sex  life.  Sex is an important part in the daily life of the couple that should not be neglected. Once you are grounded in the purpose of God, sex will help keep your link with your husband.

Koinonia is like a sexual relationship between a man and a woman. Our intimacy with God is higher than a sexual relationship.  If we therefore need to communicate with God daily in fellowship, sex is another way of communication between husband and wife. 

When you are a purpose-driven couple, purpose will stimulate your sexual life. When you look towards the same direction and you both are driven by the same goals, there will be stimulation in your sex life.  When  God ordained  marriage,  He  gave  them  authority  to  have dominion  on  the  earth.  As  a  couple,  to  walk  in  this dominion  mandate,  you  need  to  have  a  healthy  sexual relationship.  Lack  of  a  sexual  relationship  with  your spouse  means  you  are  not  walking  or sharing  the  same purpose.

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