Counterfeit Categories of Marriage

May 3, 2016

best-quotes-wallpapers-3-6-s-307x512It is astonishing the number of young Christian ladies who get married for all the wrong reasons. Many may even not be aware of how erroneous their reason for getting married may be and this is because they have allowed the world to redefine marriage to them. Marriage is not a human idea. It is defined by God and as a young lady, it will necessitate that you get into the sacred institution of marriage with God-oriented reasons.

I had it in me to share with you some categories of what I have termed “counterfeit marriage”, with the purpose of opening our eyes to the subtle deceptions Christian ladies get themselves into.


  1. Social Security Marriage

Many young girls get into marriage simply because of the state or stature of the man. They think of the advantages it may bring, for example, to their professional life and their status in society.  Most of the time, the ladies who find themselves in this kind of marriage may not have accomplished anything  in  life  and  they  want  to  use  their  marriage as an accomplishment. The Word of God says that it is the more than virtuous woman who brings food to her household from a far country (Proverbs 31:10-31). Do not be idle. If no one has employed you, employ yourself and do something with your hands so you will be able to invest in the Church and in your household because God created the woman to be a helper.

       2. Self-Esteem Marriage

This is when someone gets married because they have low self-esteem or because of inferiority complex. Some Christian ladies unfortunately think that getting married means the start of a new life. They think by getting married, it will establish their identity. Marriage will not do this for you. You should have an established identity before you get married. You do not change after you get married; marriage simply amplifies whatever you are. Getting married will not make you what you are not.

      3.   Arranged Marriage

Most of the time, in the African society, parents put together a couple without the parties involved having any say in it or without their full volition. An arranged marriage is marrying the man of your parents’ profile. When  you  want  to  get  married  and  you  wonder  what  will mummy or daddy think,  then  you  are looking for  someone who meets the profile of your parents.

      4. Emergency Marriage

An emergency marriage is linked to some form of pressure. It is when the man and woman have not had time to develop their courtship but want to, unfortunately, get married. A true relationship is built with time; impatience is a sign of immaturity. In an emergency marriage, something rises that gives the man and woman involved the mind-set that they must marry at all cost; for example, pregnancy or in the case where one of them has to travel.

      5. Fantasy Marriages

Many young women find themselves in this delusion that they are like Cinderella, suffering and caught up in the basement of life not able to do anything unless they get married. Your life does not start when you get married. You need to bring life to your marriage, and not focus on bringing marriage into your life. Many have lived their lives so miserable, waiting for someone to come and pick them up and as a result, when they do get married, they do not know how to live in the marriage. Be someone who knows how to live. That is why it is important to be founded in the Owner of life, because you cannot build your relationship without the life which He alone can give. The Giver of life, God, is the only one who gives you the ability to contaminate your own days with life; to impart your marriage and relationship with the life He gives.

      6. Peer Pressure Marriage

Most  of  the  time,  when  we  see  our  friends, classmates  and  sister  getting  married,  we  get into the pressure of also wanting to get married. Paul the apostle said, “comparing themselves with themselves, they were not wise” (2 Cor.  10:12). You should get married because you want to, not because someone else is getting married.  You  get  married  when  your  spirit  is  appeased with the decision; when there is union between your soul and  your motives, union between yourself and your spirit, union between your motives and the purpose of marriage,  and when you are free from considering what others may think about you or do.

         7. Desperation Marriage

This is when the lady says yes to whosoever comes her way first, after having waited for long. Impatience is the sign of immaturity.  Many  people  make  permanent  choices because  they  get  impatient and as  a  result  they  get  into desperation  marriage. 

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  • Reply Carine SAZAH October 12, 2017 at 4:53 am

    Merci Père de m’avoir exposé à la vérité afin que je puisse te servir dignement en tant que femme selon ta volonté ,ton but et tes desseins me concernant. .
    Ma perception du mariage a changé. ..Gloire à toi Père. ..Gloire à toi Seigneur Jésus

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