Giving: The Purpose of God

May 3, 2016

Some years ago, I was praying for the Saints of God. In the course of my praying, the Father asked me a question. He said, “Daughter, what is it about a given year do you carry with you after the year passes?” This got me thinking. My husband, Dr. Shawn Smith always says that when God asks you a question, it is not because He is expecting an answer, rather He wants to show you something. So, the Father told me “What you carry with you into your future, which will last a lifetime and will never perish is what your faith has received.”

I would like to ask you that same question: what is it about a year do you carry with you, into your future, when that year has passed? What is kept in your mind – what you carry with you into your future – is what your faith has been able to receive in that year. What has your faith received this 2016? If I were to ask some of us about 2006 or 2007, we would probably have nothing to show; but the years have gone by. For some, what they keep as a souvenir is what this world has imposed on their lives.

There are two systems which exist: while the world has its systems, God has His protocol plan. You will either choose to be subjected to the world or to walk in the protocol plan of God. I was once like that. Years went by with nothing to show for it. About 20 years of my life just passed away like smoke. I could not show forth the goodness of God in my life. But God is good, eternally good and His wish is that we should experience His goodness daily and that we should be able to testify about His goodness in our lives. God has given us a tool for us to be able to testify each year of His goodness and that tool is our faith to receive.

There is no faith without giving out. That theoretical faith does not work. In order to receive a harvest of sons, God had to give His Son. In order to receive brothers and sisters after His own pattern, Jesus had to give His own life. Your receiving is determined by your giving. The reason why the faith of many doesn’t receive anything is because they come to God empty-handed and only express their wants to God. The faith of God Himself, the faith of the Son of God, Jesus Christ who gave His life, is enhanced and stimulated in your spirit whenever you apply the same protocol plan, and each time you do it, it is an occasion for you to receive.

If you say ‘I don’t give because I don’t have,’ then you are subjected to money because money dictates to you what you have to do with it. There is only one master with whom God compares Himself in the Bible and that is money. Your submission under the system of money keeps you bound and hinders God from realizing His dream through you. Do you know money speaks? When you have money at hand, it tells you what to do with it and whenever money tells you what to do, most of the time it is a temporal and visible thing. But guess what! Everything you do temporarily and everything you do according to your sight, passes away like smoke.

There is something called the purpose of God and everything in God is found in His purpose. What is it that speaks to you when you have money? What motivates you? What is it that guides you when you have money in your hands? Is it the need that you see in the Kingdom? When God has a need, the one who makes himself available becomes the purpose of God. God can raise anyone who is available.

download (6)This year is an opportunity for you to stand in the purpose of God, to choose one master, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and His purpose. He doesn’t need your money; what He needs is you, but for Him to use you, He wants proof of your surrender and that proof is that whenever your senses tell you to use your money in a particular way, you stand firm, decide and tell yourself ‘God is going to be my motive, His kingdom is going to be my priority, His word is going to be my purpose. I will stand for His choice first and as a result, I will enjoy His eternal blessing.’ That is what will bring fulfillment in your life; that is what will help you to subject everything in your life. If you are married, don’t rely on your husband to give for the things of God on your behalf. You are a unique being, you are the purpose of God and behind your own giving, God wants to show you His goodness. Your testimony does not depend on what you do or the prayer you have made or how much you fast, but your testimony will depend on your availability to provide for His Kingdom.

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