Woman of Integrity

May 3, 2016

Integrity is defined simply as a set of morals (good conduct), ethics and values that one believes to be right – integrity is character; it is believing in something that is right, without compromising, and building character and determination accordingly, and acting according to what one believes is right. Integrity determines self-discipline, and indiscipline is inconsistency. This in turn determines consistency in character. What we believe builds self-discipline within us, which is the root of character which in the context of God is self-discipline.

Integrity plays a crucial role in the life of a Christian woman. When you acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ, accepting Christ as his life, what guides you in this life is integrity. Without integrity we will be blown to every direction. It is possible to be born again yet you don’t believe in anything. You believe nothing about the household of faith, nothing about family, and nothing about relationships. And if you believe nothing there is no character, there is no stability, there is no consistency, there is no morals, there is no determination, and there is nothing that guides your ways.

Take the examples of personages such as Abraham, Job, Daniel’s companions or David, the women who went to embalm Jesus’ body after the crucifixion, and the companions of the Apostle Paul, Aquila and Priscilla, God does not endorse a man because there are no mistakes in his life, or because he does not have weaknesses or is fearless, but because such people know the set of beliefs that are in their hearts and stand for them and such beliefs determine their commitment, their service and their actions.

As a Christian woman, this should be a desire in your heart, to be a woman of integrity and sincerity who will demonstrate incorruptibility in her belief, her doctrine, her ministerial commitment and their relationship with spiritual authority as well as her family.

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