Six Characteristics of Strong Christian Homes

May 3, 2016

As one who has received the immense privilege to stand by my husband, the man of God, Dr. Shawn Smith, to fulfil God’s mandate of sharing His love with the nations, I have had the singular opportunity to learn a lot about the place of strong families in the Ekklesia of Jesus Christ. I’d like to share my thoughts on some of the features a strong Christian home should exhibit:

  1. Commitment to each other

When God created man, man was created as an intricate being of spirit, soul and body. That same model of spirit, soul and body recurs in the household. Just as it is the Spirit that is joined to Christ, and the life of the Spirit is administrated through the soul to the body, the husband  is  the  head  of  the  home, and  the  wife  is  the administrator  of the husband to the children.  This is the description of the structure of the government of the household.

The  father  is  the  head,  but  the  father’s  decisions  are administrated  through  the  mother.  The mother has to have the following phrase on her lips:  “your father says”. This  is  because  the  father  cannot  superimpose  his  own authority  without  the  administration  of  the  mother.

Authority is not respected in homes today because the father wants to speak directly on every issue. When the voice of the mother does not reflect the voice of the father, there is a divided government.  Commitment in a home begins with the mother and the father first, then from the mother and father to the children.

2. Enjoy spending quality time together

Quality time is not quantity time; but you need to make sure you spend quality time together as a family. You need to have a weekly family time whereby you can either watch a movie or plan a vacation together.

3. Communicate freely and openly

The reason why many children, when they come to the age of adolescence make mistakes is because they do not see a counsellor in their parents. That is why as parents, you need to learn to speak openly and freely with your children about life and issues of life. A child has the right to  criticise  the  parent  if  it  is  done  in  a  free  and  open manner. There are two types of criticism, constructive and destructive criticism.  Children have the right to constructive criticism.

4. The open expression of love and appreciation

Love needs to be expressed in a home.  Learn to demonstrate love towards your children.  Learn to tell them how much you love them and how much God loves them.  Learn  to  appreciate  them  and  tell  them  how beautiful  or  handsome  they  look.  There needs to be an open expression of love and appreciation. When children grow up in a home without affection, there will be insecurity and no sense of destiny. There is no greater failure than to fail in your home. No matter how successful you are in life, if your children do not partake of your success in your character, you have failed in life. Your family is where ministry starts. If you are  a  minister  of  the  gospel,  you  are  not  a  professional pastor  who  simply  goes  and  preaches  sermons  on  the pulpit and it is not lived in your own house.

5. Maintain close relationships with one another in crisis situations.

If one of your children commits a crime or fails in an exam, it is not time for you to remember all the terrible things they have done. Failure can remain an event if it does not affect your attitude. It becomes a lifestyle when it affects your attitude. If you make your children feel they are a failure because they failed their exams, they will become a failure.

6. Spiritual commitments

Your children will not remember you for what you say but for what you do.  You cannot speak to your children about Christ unless they see it. If they do not see it, they are not going to live it.  As a parent, avoid making negative  comments  and  criticizing  church  authorities because  it  will  affect  your  authority  as  parents  in  the home.

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    Thank you mummy, am so previledged to have met you. God bless you More fo this unique teachings

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